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Pure Tamil baby boy names with meaning | Tamil names with meaning 2020

Modern Tamil baby boy names with meanings (2020)

pure tamil baby boy names with meaning
Tamil baby boy names

Welcome to baby-names.xyz. Here you will get the best collection of modern and pure Tamil baby boy names in with meaning.

Name is not only to specify a person, it is an identity. Our name is the one which we hear it till the last breath. 
Everyone needs special attention from others, our name is the first thing that attracts others.

So, you can’t name your baby in a hurry. You must search, think, refer, and then name your baby.

Choose best baby boy names in Tamil with meaning:

Here we made a list of best pure tamil baby boy names with meaning that makes you unique and feel special when others address your child.

Check out our baby boy namesin tamil with meaning and choose the one of best names for your baby boy.

50 best pure tamil baby boy names with meaning :



Aagarna Music
Agamadhi Knowledgable
Alaganban Good looking
Aananthan Lord Murugan
Abeeshan   Loveable
Dhyanesh  Meditativee
Divnesh  Sun
Dhvanil  Sound from heaven
Dilshaan  Glory of light
Dyansh  Mercy
Ramgopal Lord Rama and Krishna
Raju King, emperor
Rahul Offspring of lightning, traveler
Rakesh Lord of full moon
Ramu Lord vishnu
Raja Chaitanya Intelligent and consciousness
Murali  flute
Mullinti  lord shiva
Moorti  idol
Murgesh  lord karthikeya
Moulik  precious
Mourya  king
Mayan  God of love
Mridul  delicate
Mukund  Vishnu
Mrigasya  Lord shiva
Mehith  always smiling
Mehvish  A bright star
Mervin  Famous friend
Manesh  God of mind
Riyan Door of heaven, Lord Vishnu
Riyaz Loyal, smart
Rishikesh Lord of senses
Ryann Little King
Ritvik Scholar
Ricky Powerful, strong ruler
Rishi Seer, Sage
Rishwin Mostly loved
Sushim  Moonstone
Roshan Blossom, Rising
Suryanshu  Sunbeam
Suyash  Illustrious
Shaurya  Bravery
Shivesh  Lord Shiva
Swanand  Lord Ganesh
Yatisa  Lord of Ascetics
Yajnarup  Lord Krishna
Yadunath  Lord Krishna
Yatiraja  King of Ascetics
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