Best baby boy names starting with r with meaning in Hindu 2020

50 Best Baby boy names starting with R

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Hindu baby boy names starting with R: 

Role of finding a best hindu baby boy name starting with R with the marvellous letter R is very precious for the parents, they really work hard to choose a right name for their baby boy which reflects his character with his name includes their ancestor’s blessings. We all know that hindu culture is one that revolves around love and respect for others, so most of the parent like to choose hindu baby boy names starting with r with meaningHere the right way to check out the beautiful baby boy names Hindu with R for your baby boy.

Choose Best baby boy name starting with R with meaning in hindu:

Here the best hindu baby boy names starting with R with meaning in hindu which gives respect in the way they address your child.

The word we use throughout our lifetime with free of cost is your name i.e, your identity that should be a unique one that differs others from your child and make him special everywhere. There should be a special attraction towards your son while they address him.

So, keeping all these things in mind we made a list of 50 best Hindu baby boy names with R with meaning.

Here the list of 50 best baby boy names starting with R with meaning in hindu…

50 best Hindu baby boy names with R :

Name Meaning
Rachit Invention
Ravi The sun, Expert or skilled
Raghav Intelligent and funny
Ram Lord shiva
Raj King
Raghunath Extremely intelligent and irresistible
Raghu The family of Lord ram
Rajesh Ruler, king
Raghavendra Abundance of confidence
Rama Krishna Lord Rama and Krishna
Ramgopal Lord Rama and Krishna
Raju King, emperor
Rahul Offspring of lightning, traveler
Rakesh Lord of full moon
Ramu Lord vishnu
Raja Chaitanya Intelligent and consciousness
Raj Kishore Young, lord Krishna
Ramana Delightful
Ravindher King of God’s, the sun
Ranjit Smart, Victory
Raghuvaran Son of son
Ranjan Entertaining, Enjoyment
Ravi Kiran Ray of light, Shine
Ramit Loved
Ratan Jewel, diamond
Raahinya Lord Vishnu
Raghu Ram Lord Rama
Raman Name for Love
Rihan Distroyer of enemies
Rishat The best
Riyan Door of heaven, Lord Vishnu
Riyaz Loyal, smart
Rishikesh Lord of senses
Rithesh Lord shiva, Guru
Ritvik Scholar
Ricky Powerful, strong ruler
Rishi Seer, Sage
Rishwin Mostly loved
Rohan Helpful, Cute, Loving
Roshan Blossom, Rising
Rocky Strong, Crazy
Robbie Bright, Shining
Rokit Embrace
Roopak Sign
Rohit First ray of sun
Rustam Strong, Free man
Rutvi Very kind, Honest
Rupesh Lord of beauty, Handsome
Rupchand As beautiful as moon
Ryann Little King
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